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Vote Yes On 3-594

Your Clackamas Firefighters Support the Emergency Service Levy

The Professional Firefighters of Clackamas County proudly represents the firefighters who serve your community. As we reflect on our 70-year history of service, we are proud to support Measure 3-594. Over the decades, the demand for fire and emergency services has grown significantly. This demand has been compounded by the addition of many new types of emergency services that we provide. 

Your firefighters are all-hazard responders. This means when you call, we respond – no matter the emergency. These types of emergencies include medical emergencies, structure fires, auto extrication, hazardous materials, wildfires, search and rescue, water rescue, and so much more. Although the way we support our community has changed substantially, Clackamas Fire response models have not. This is the direct result of budget and staffing constraints. 

This measure will provide improved and standardized staffing levels. These levels are aligned with national standards, and mirror our partners at Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue and Portland Fire Bureau. These improved staffing levels will provide additional staff at most stations across the district. This increased staffing will directly result in better service to our community. This also includes staffing of two rural stations which are currently unstaffed. These crews will provide critical services, including keeping wildfires small. This prevents wider negative impacts on our community, like the evacuations we experienced in 2020 and 2022. Measure 3-594 will also fund quick response vehicles that respond to less severe medical emergencies. This keeps fire engines and trucks available for the purpose they were intended.  

The Professional Firefighters of Clackamas County are proud to endorse, and request your support of measure 3-594. We look forward to providing our community the improved critical services that this measure supports, and that you deserve.  

Story Map

Click below to view the Story Map which shows a graphical representation of the levy itself and the various emergency services areas the levy will impact.


Lori Chavez-DeRemer
US Representative

Mark Meek
Oregon Senator

Annessa Hartman
State Representative

Janelle Bynum
State Representative

Paul Savas
Clackamas County Commissioner

Ben West
Clackamas County Commissioner

Fred Charlton
Retired Fire Chief

Denyse McGriff
Oregon City Mayor

Tom Ellis
Happy Valley Mayor

David Emami
Happy Valley City Council President

David Golobay
Happy Valley City Councilor

Libra Forde
School Board Member

Mitzi Bauer
School Board Member

Charles Gallia, PhD
Clackamas Fire Budget Committee

Home Building Association of Greater Portland

Levy Overview

The Clackamas Fire District Board of Directors has referred a levy to the May 2023 ballot. If passed, the Emergency Services Levy would provide annual funding of $14.5 million at a cost of $0.52 per thousand of assessed valuation* which is about $138 per year for the typical homeowner at the median assessed value.

If passed, levy funds would invest in additional staffing, quick response vehicles, and wildfire mitigation efforts. If the levy does not pass, funds would not be invested.

Clackamas Fire District 1 is one of the largest and busiest emergency response agencies in the Portland Metro Area, serving more than 220,000 residents across 235 square miles. Clackamas Fire responds to approximately 30,000 calls each year. However, unlike other large fire agencies in Oregon, Clackamas Fire does not have an enhanced levy to fund firefighter positions and equipment needs. This funding gap has led to staffing challenges, including an inability to maintain coverage at several rural fire stations.

*Please note that ‘Assessed’ value is different from ‘Market’ value. For example: Redfin may publish the average ‘Market’ value of a home in Clackamas County at $560,000, while the averaged ‘Assessed’ value of a home in the District is $265,000. Reference your tax statement or Clackamas County ( ) for the actual assessed value of your home. Want to calculate the cost for your home? Multiply the assessed value from your tax statement by 0.00052 (ex. $265,000 x 0.00052 = $137.80).